Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Android tip & trick țhenkhat..

Lo test ve mah teh, hriat loh i nei nualin ka ring. I OS version leh device in a support ve a nih ngai chuan a hit hlawm fu... Tihsual palh ah erawh mawh ka phur lo a nia.. ^_^

1. Force Reboot: Mobile phone a tan (hang/stuck/freeze) changa apply chi fu ang. Power Button leh Home Key leh Volume up button kha a rualin hmet vang vang teh le..

2. Quick Search: Menu kha hmet vang vang teh, i device a zirin Google search emaw contact search ah emaw i lut nghal keuh mai ang.

3. Safe mode reboot: Hei hi chu version țhenkhatah a theih loh mai thei, a mil tan chuan heti hian a tih theih ang:
☞ Long press power button
☞ Long press power off option.
Tichuan confirmation message a lo kal ang a. He mode a i reboot chuan 3rd party application zawng zawng a in disabled vek ang. 3rd party application install vanga buai te tan a chi fu ang. Application a disabled ho hi normal mode a boot hunah Settings ☞ Apps ☞ All ah kal la, application mawng lamah a lo awm anga, i duh duh i enable leh thei ang. (A tibuaitu application uninstall keuh mai tur!)

4. Face detection lock: I hmel hmanga i mobile kha a lock/unlock theih leh theih loh i hriat duh chuan Settings ☞ Security ☞ Screen lock ah kal la, Face unlock han check teh. A awm loh pawn application/launcher thenkhat kaltlangin i set thei bawk ang.

5. Mobile status information: I mobile information hrang hrang i hriat duh chuan *#*#4636#*#* hi dial chhin mah teh.

6. Move apps to SD card: Hei pawh i version leh device a zirin a awmin a awm lo thei a, application a zirin a move theihin move theih loh tlat thei bawk. Settings ☞ Apps/Manage apps ah kal la, application hrang hrang lo awm kha a mal te te in hawng la “Move to SD card” tih awmna apiang kha SD Card a move theih ho chu a ni mai.

7. Factory Reset: Factory reset chuan i phone kha factory level ah, a thar tirha a awm ang khan a reset anga, internel a data awm ho pawh a clear vek ang. *#*#7780#*#* dial in i ti thei ang.

8. Hard reset: Hei hi chuan internel (mobile) leh externel (sd card) data zawng zawng bakah settings zawng zawng pawha clear vek ang, a awmzia hre lovin try suh ang che. Hard reset tur chuan *2767*3855# hi dial mai tur.

9. Context menu: I screen kha long press la, additional options ah i lut thei ang.

10. Screen shots: I device a zirin a khawi emaw ber hmang hian
i screen i capture thei ang..
- Home button leh power button rual taka hmeh kawpin.
- Power button leh volume down button rual taka hmeh kawpin.
- I kutphahin i screen kha swipe rawh.

Hrechiang lovin engmah hi try suh la, i thiam loh vang maiin a theih loh ti hek suh. I device leh a OS version a zirin support ve loh erawh i nei thei tih hre tel bawk ag che..


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