Tuesday, 24 June 2014

PlayStore application apk file a download dan!

A hmain ka post tawh a, hrethiam lo an awm vangin kawng awlsam zawk ka zawng zel a. Hei hi chu in hriatthiam vek ka beisei..

PlayStore ațanga application install thei lo khawpa i net a muang emaw, a flactuate nasa emaw a nih chuan he method hmang hian awlsam takin i install thei tho a nia..

Online a application install tur chuan net chak țha a ngai a. Mahse chu chu kan ram 2G hi chuan a zo lo fo. Application hi apk file a i download chuan browser download manager ten an lo boost ve țhin vangin a rang zawkin a awlsam zawk em em a ni.. PlayStore kal tlanga i install theih map loh kha awlsam tein a apk file download a i install theih avangin he method hi chu vawn reng chi a ni awm e..

PlayStore ațanga install tumin kan nghak ve fan fan a, net muan vangin file lo corrupt in parsing problem a lo awm leh si a. Hun, tha leh pack a lo thlawnin kan liam tir fo. PlayStore a mi ni lo, site dang ațangin apk file han download ve țhin mah ila, install hnu ah latest version a lo nih loh phei chuan update leh nghal a ngai fo bawk si.. Tin, PlayStore pawh hmang hlei thei lo khawpin kan 'net lah hi a muang fo bawk nen.. Heng ang harsatna hi i tawk ve a nih chuan a hnuaia step ang hian lo try ve mah teh..‪

#‎Note‬: UC Browser emaw, UC Browser Mini emaw i hmang dawn a nih chuan Speed Mode kha off phawt ang che. Tin, apk file hi install thei tur chuan Menu » Settings » Security » Allow Unknown Sources kha tick/check hmasak a ngai tih hi hriat hmaih lo bawk la..

1. Google Play hi clickin web store ah lut la..
2. I application install duh chu search rawh.
3. Search result a lo display hunah i application install tum ber kha click keuh rawh.
4. Application i install tum page a i luh hnu, a in load complete hunah kha page link kha copy rawh. (Opera, Opera Mini, Chrome etc ațang chuan a chung lama link url box, box sei zawk kha, ațang khan i copy mai thei a. UC ah chuan a page kha longpress in option lo pop ah khan Page info » Page url kha i copy mai dawn nia..)
5. A hnuaia apk downloader 3 zinga i duhna berah hian lut leh phawt rawh:
- Evozi Downloader
- Free Apk Downloader
- ApkLeecher Downloader
6. Box a thu lo awmsa kha i link copy sa khan replace rawh..
7. Generate button click la, a in generate zawh veleh download button kha click a download a ni mai.

Net muang uchuak leh application lian deuh download tur tan chuan apk downloader khi UC Browser or UC Mini hmanga luh in, apk file chu cloud download a uDisk a transfer hmasain, uDisk ațangin download leh chauh ila a fuh hlei hlei..

Tichuan i duh tawkin PlayStore application apk file in i download thei tawh ang.. Tin, update duh kan neih pawn a latest version Play ațanga a apk file download a, install mai hian i update char char thei tawh ang a. Update tur ah pawh i buai tawh lovang..

Android i hmang a, he blog post hi hmuh kim vek i duh a nih chuan Mizo Ai1™ hi click in lo download ve la, lo install ve ngei ang che...

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Android tana file sharing service hman țangkai dan!

Thluak hi hman rim apiang a chak a, chutiang deuh bawk chuan mobile pawh hian a man a zir ni lovin a hmangtu a zirin thil tih theih a ngahin a ngah lo mai țhin... Chuvangin, "A phone chiah a smart..." tih kan hlawh lohna turin File Sharing Service hi a țangkai zawnga hman i han tum dawn teh ang..

File sharing service chu online a file dahțhatna ti ila a la hmelhriat ngai lo tan chuan a chiang zaw ber ang. Chutianga dahțhat tura file an upload te chu a link copy in a mamawh ve apiang hnenah link chu an pe tawh mai țhin a ni.

Tin, organisation leh club tam tak chuan login detail pakhat ințawmin khaw hran hran a an branch te pawn awlsam takin file leh document te a link in pek buai ngai lovin awlsam leh zualin an in share tawn theih phah țhin.

Smartphone era ah hian messenger hrang hrang hmangin video/audio/picture etc kan in share tawn suau suau a, mi hrang hrang hnenah a ngai kan share nawn fova, a ngai upload nawn a ngai fo țhin. Chung ai chuan chutianga thawn kual tam tur chi thil chu he service ho hi hmang țangkaiin an free space ah hian upload ila, a link copy in chu link chu share ta zawk mai ila, hun a heh lo zawk a, data pack a hek lo zawk a, a hnu daiha share nawn leh dawn pawn a link kha copy leh theih zel a ni si a, țul lova kan data pack kal ral țhin kha kan save țhen țeuh bawk dawn tihna a nih chu..

Heng service ho hi i la hmelhriat ngai loh takin service țhenkhat kan dah tel law law ang e. I bihchian duh chuan a hmingah zel i click mai dawn nia..

Box: Offer 10GB free storage.

Dropbox: Offer 2 GB free storage.

Cubby: Offer 5GB free storage.

Sky Drive: Offer 7Gb free storage.

Ubuntu One: Offer 5GB free storage.

Verizon Cloud: Offers 500MB free storage.

Google Drive: Offer 15GB free storage.

SugarSync: Offer 5 gb free storage.

A tawp pahnih tih lo hi chu Google Play ah i lut nghal ang.. Tin, heng chauh hi file sharing service a free a hman theih awm tihna a ni lova, a aia țha zawk te pawh a awm hial mahna, i fiah zawkna atan, tlem a zawng ka lo pholang tel mai a ni e..

Tin, Google Play a app te hi apk file a i download duh chuan 'Android application version thar ber apk file a download dan!' hi i chhiar mai dawn nia...

Duh tawk leh phawt mai ang.. Enjoy..

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Android application version thar ber apk file a download dan!

Kan ram ang, 'net chiangkuan lohna ramah hi chuan mobile device atanga Google Play access a, application install leh update te hi a harsa hle mai a. A download zo ve thak a, install dawnah download laia 'net muan vanga file a lo corrupt vangin 'Parsing Problem' kan nei leh a, tul lovah kan hun, battery leh data a hek phah fo thin. 2G hmang ho tan chuan application update awm ngun lutuk te hi, a thar kan lo duh ve zel bawk nen buaina tham a ni ta reng a nih hi...

He problem hi i tawng ve a nih chuan hetiang hian lo ti ve mah teh..

❂ I mobile browser hawng la, i application install/update duh chu search la, google play link a hmuh tel chuan chu chu click in lut phawt rawh.
❂ Goople Play application installation page i luh fel hunah a page link kha copy rawh.. (4 eg:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.facebook.orca).
Evozi Downloader ah kalin google play url tih hnuaia box chhunga thu awmsa kha clear vekin i link copy chu paste rawh. (Picture a paste here intih na lai ah hian..)
❂ Tichuan generate download link kha i click leh ang a, kha application kha apk a download turin a in generate ang.
❂ A in generate zawhah apk format in i download keuh mai dawn nia.

✉ Duhthusam chuan UC Browser emaw UC Browser Mini emaw hmang la a tha hlei hlei! Apk format a download hun chhung hian validity a neih avangin 'net muan uchuakna atang chuan a download zo hman thin lova, UC i hman chuan 'Click here to download' tih i click hnu khan 'Download' leh 'Cloud Download' thlan tur awmin a rawn prompt anga, Cloud Download kha select la, i la sign in ngai loh chuan sign-in with fb hmang khan i sign-in mai dawn nia. Gmail leh in sign-up chawp pawh khan a theih tho. Tichuan i apk file download tur chu UC uDisk cloud storage ah i save hmasa phawt ang a. Tichuan, View download process kha click in i apk download tur chu i en ang a, a file a len lem loh chuan a lo complete nghal mai ang a. A len viau chuan ngah deuh hret a, refresh/reload zeuh zeuh pawh a ngai mai thei bawk. A complete hunah apk file hming hnuaia download tih kha click in hunbi tiam awm lovin, 'net muang elkhen ah pawh i download thei mai ang..

Apk file anga download chuan mobile browser download manager in a lo boost ve avangin download a chak zawk a, 'parsing problem' pawh a awm tlem zawk nge nge a nia.

I hlawkpui ngei beiseiin duh tawk leh phawt mai ang.. ^_^

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Smart Keyboard Pro hi!

Android hian keyboard layout hran hran a nei tam khawp mai a. Inbuilt keyboard khawpkham lo tan pawh download tur chi hran hran a tam khawp mai. Chung zinga ka hman tam ber Smart Keyboard Pro hi kan chhawpchhuak ve reng reng ang e..

File Name: Smart Keyboard Pro
Version: 4.7.1
File Type: apk
File Size: 1.4 Mb
Download: Here
Google Play Price: Rs. 166.35
Google Play Rating: 4.5
Rating Statistic:
- ➎✮: 12,643
- ➍✮: 3,005
- ➌✮: 968
- ➋✮: 393
- ➊✮: 716

Google Play Price, ratings leh description te hi he post type laia mi anga dah a ni tih hre tel bawk ta la...

Google Play description:
Smart Keyboard Pro is a fast multitouch keyboard with multi-language support, skins, voice input, T9 and compact mode, Smart dictionary, custom Auto-Text, hard keyboard support, calibration, and many other appearance and prediction options. Get it now and see by yourself why it is the best rated keyboard app on the Market!


Don't forget to read the FAQ and the users' guide on the website if you have problems, answers to most common issues are there!

*** To enable the keyboard, go to “Language and keyboard” settings, and check “Smart Keyboard Pro” box. Then long press in any text input area until a popup menu appears, select "Input Method" in this menu, and choose "Smart Keyboard PRO" in the list.You can long press 123 key any time to enter keyboard settings. A trial version is available on the market (look for the app "Smart Keyboard Trial"). Note that this Pro version is a standalone app, you don't need the Trial to use it. If you find bugs such as FORCE CLOSE issues, please go to the website and CONTACT THE SUPPORT. If you want help, it's completely useless to leave bad comments here as we cannot contact you! Ignore the warning about the keyboard "collecting your personal data", this is a standard Android message when you activate any third party input method....

Enjoy your new typing experience!

Introducing BlackMart!

Khawvel thang zelah mobile user tam zawk mahin Android kan hman tak suau suau ah chuan Android hmangchang ka telh ta zeuh zeuh reng a, undroid user ten min lo hrethiam dawn nia..

Android tan hian market hran hran hi a tam hle mai a.. Kan sawi vek seng lovang.. Google Play ai maha ka hman rim zawk, keima ngaihdan bikah phei chuan 'the best android market' BlackMart hi i han belchiang dawn teh ang!

Tam zawk chuan kan hre tho anga, a la hre lo te pual liau liau in aw.. A awlsam zawngin Android Black Market ti ila a chiang mai awm e. Google Play a application pro version tam tak, a leia lei ngai ho pawh hi man lova download tur a awm nawlh nawlh a, Google Play a awm lo te pawh a awm nawk bawk. Chutih rualin Google Play aia outdated zawk application pawh tam tak a awm bawk. A hmangtu apiangin application an upload in an download thei a. Application in share tawnna tha tak a ni deuh ber zawk awm a sin..

Google Play nen a in an lohna langsar tak chu, a application hi i hawn lai a nih ngawt loh chuan application update notification i dawng ve kher lovang. Tin, application nazawng hi Play ang thovin a description chhiar chiang lo chuan download ngawt loh a fuh. Lem tak tak atanga tha tak tak thlengin a awm si a. Launcher, Keyboard, Messenger, Games, Browser, Media Player.. etc neuh neuh chi hrang hrang a tam ngang mai..

Google ah i mobile browser hmangin i application mamawh a expert ten top 5 an thlan te search hmasa la, an description atanga i duhthlan ho kha he market ah hian zawng mah teh. Pro version ho pawh a awm deuh zel a nia, a awm kim vek hauh lo nachungin..

'Install rawh, install suh..' ka ti lova, i duh viau ang ka tihek lo. Duhdan in ang tlat hek lo le! Mahse kei chuan Android user tan chuan application/market neih tel ngei ngei chi ka ti!

File Name: Blackmart
File Type: apk
File Size: 2.4 Mb
Download: Here

A hre zawkte sawi zui atan duh tawk phawt ang.. I hlawkpui ngei beisei chungin..

Monday, 24 March 2014

Memory Card leh Pendrive virus hmangchang!

Pendrive leh Memory Card a data/file te hi virus in a tibuai fo thin a, shortcut anga a siam vak loh pawn a hide vek a, a virus clean hnu pawn a tha leh mai tawh hek lo. Mahse, buai duh suh, a hnuaia mi hi i apply thiam ve ve chuan i chingfel thei ve ve...

I pendrive/SdCard i vih lawrna lamah virus i kai a, i scan a i clean vek hnu ah i hawng a, shortcut thenkhat bak a lo awm ta si lo, a awm ho lah i hawng thei bawk si lova, i document pawimawh leh file pawimawh tak tak te an ni bawk si a, i buai em ni? A nih chuan hei hi lo try ve mah teh.. I clean vek hnu ah chiah apply tur aw..
1. I memory card emaw Pendrive emaw chu i computer nen connect rawh le. (Memory card hi card reader hmang lova usb cable hmanga i connect chuan MassStorage or USB Mode in i connect dawn nia, Suite mode ni lovin..)
2. My Computer ah lut la i memory card or pendrive label (D, E, F, G, H, I etc) kha chhin chhiah rawh.
3. Windows key (Left Cntrl leh Left Alt inkara mi) leh 'R' hmet kawp la, run lo popah khan CMD tih type in enter/run rawh.
4. CMD lo inhawngah khan 'attrib –r –a –s –h /s /d #:\*.*' tih hi a kara space awm in ang thlapin, inverted comma tel lo hian type la, # aiah i drive label chhinchiah kha i hmang dawn nia. For eg: attrib –r –a –s –h /s /d E:\*.*
5. I type zawh felah enter rawh le.
6. Nghak vang vang la, System information access denied error notice a lo lan hunah CMD kha close rawh.
7. My Computer atangin i pendrive or memory card va hawng la, shortcut file hrang hrang leh eng eng emaw nen i file, virus in a hide leh shortcut anga a siam ho zawng chu a lo awm ang a, i file duh ho zawng kha select la, copy la, i computer ah folder thar siam in paste rawh.
8. I memory card or pendrive kha format la, i format zawhah i computer chhunga i file copy luh kha i copy let leh keuh mai dawn nia.

I pendrive/SdCard i vih lawrna lamah virus i kai a, i scan a i clean vek hnu ah i hawng a, a memory hman zat ngai reng siin a chhungah file pakhat mah a lo lang si lova i buai em ni? A nih chuan hei hi lo try ve mah teh..
1. I memory card emaw Pendrive emaw chu i computer nen connect rawh le. (Memory card hi card reader hmang lova usb cable hmanga i connect chuan MassStorage or USB Mode in i connect dawn nia, Suite mode ni lovin..)
2. My Computer ah lut la i memory card or pendrive label (D, E, F, G, H, I etc) kha chhin chhiah rawh.
3. Windows key (Left Cntrl leh Left Alt inkara mi) leh 'R' hmet kawp la, run lo popah khan CMD tih type in enter/run rawh.
4. CMD lo inhawngah khan i label chhinchiah kha type la, a hnungah : hi chhutzawmin enter rawh. For eg: D:, E:, F:,G:, H:, I:
5. 'attrib -r -s -h *.* /s /d' tih hi a kara space awm ang thlap thlapin type la (inverted comma tel lovin) enter rawh.
6. Nghak vang vang la, System information access denied error notice a lo lan hunah CMD kha close rawh.
7. My Computer atangin i pendrive or memory card va hawng la, folder hming nei lo, file tih chhungah khan virus in i file a hide ho zawng chu a lo awm ang a, Cntrl leh 'A' hmet (Select all) la, copy la, i computer ah folder thar siam in paste rawh.
8. I memory card or pendrive kha format la, i format zawhah i computer chhunga i file copy luh kha i copy let leh keuh mai dawn nia.

I hlawkpui ngei beiseiin duhtawk leh phawt mai ang.. Blog min lo hlutpui vangin ka lawm e.. ^_^

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Hria tam tak leh hmang mek te pawh kan tam ang, a la hre lo te pualin, ka'n share ve hrim hrim ang e, a bangbo zawk te pualin..

Nokia java mobile an tih mai, Series/Symbian 40 emaw S40 ti a an sawi thin bawk hi i hmang a, i mobile ah Menu > Settings > Backup & Sync a awm a nih ngai chuan PhoneCopy chungah hian i lawm ve khawpin ka ring, i hmang tawh emaw, i hmang mek emaw, i hre ve chiah pawh ni se!

PhoneCopy hi contact online a backup tu service pakhat a ni a, Google Sync ang lo takin S40 ho tan pawh a backup theih mai bakah, a restore theih a, Nokia/Ovi Sync aiin hman a awlsam zawk bawk. Contact 500 thleng a free in an backup sak thei a, a aia tam erawh premium account lei te tan chiah a ni thung...

Mobile platform changkang zawk S60, Android, Windows, Blackberry, iOS etc tan chuan online a Contact sync na tur hi duhthlan theih a awm laiin S40 tan bik erawh a vang pharh lawi si a, ka rawn share ta mai a ni e.

Online a contact backup chuan mobile tih bo emaw tih chhiat pawhin a hnu ah mobile thara hman turin number a neih kir leh vek theih hi a thatna a ni a. Tin, platform changkang hmang ho tan pawh S40 la hman leh thut duh takin account neiha, sync ngei a finthlak viau mai thei.. He guide hi chu S40 tan bik chiah a ni thung..
PhoneCopy ah hian Registration i tih ve duh chuan i username tur, password tur leh i security email tur (hman lai mek, la access theih ngei) fill-up in a in register mai theih..

1. Settings siam dan: Menu » Settings » Configuration » Personal Configuration » Add new (settings dang siam sa i neih chuan Options a kal hmasak zeuh a ngai ang..) » Synchronisation ah khan lutin a hnuai a mi ang hian i fill up dawn nia..
- Account Name: I duh duh (Kei chuan kahriat pawlh lohna'n PhoneCopy Sync ka ti)
- Server Address: http://www.phonecopy.com/sync
- Username: I phonecopy username
- Password: I phonecopy password
- Contact Database: Address ah khan contacts ti tawp la, a hnuaia username leh password kha chu a ngai lo.
- Calender Database: Calender i sync tel duh chuan address ah khan calender ti tawp la, a hnuaia username leh password kha chu a ngai lo.
- Note Database: Note i sync tel duh a nih chuan address ah khan notes ti tawp la, a hnuaia username leh password kha chu a ngai lo.
- Back chhuak la, personal cofiguration i thlen hunah i phonecopy sync settings account hming a lo lang ang a, Options » Activate keuh la sync theih turin i set fel ta.

Chi hnihin a hnuai a mi ang hian i sync thei ang..
- Menu » Settings » Backup & sync » Data transfer » Server synchronisation a kalin i sync thei a.- Menu » Contacts » Sync all a kalin i sync thei bawk ang.

1. Sync na tur hian internet hman a ngaihavangin net pack nei lo tan chuan chawi a ngai..
2. I sync zawh rualin PhoneCopy Website ah kalin i account thar ah khan lut la, a sync dan tur set fel nghal rawh.
3. I sync atanga darkar khat chhunga a sync zel dan tur i assign fel loh chuan i sync dawnah server in i mobile IMEI a lo zawt ang che a, i mobile battery phawiin ien loh paw'n *#06# dial in a lo lang ang a, kha number kha chhinchhiahin i pe mai dawn nia..

I hriatthiam ngei beisei chungin duh tawk leh phawt ang.. A dang chu i lo inzir hre thei tawh mai turah ngai ang.. Stay safe..

Friday, 28 February 2014


Khawvel changkang zelah a tam zawk mahin Android, Windows leh iOS vel hmang fur tawh mah ila, S40 (Java) mobile hmang pawh tam tak kan la awm a. Chung ho pual liau liau chuan aw..

UC Browser i ngaina a, i java mobile atanga i screenshot ve duh a nih chuan i tan thu lawmawm tak a nih ngei ka beisei! A chhan chu java mobile tana version chikimin (Cloud Version huam lovin) ka rawn chhawpchhuak dawn tlat a lawm..

Kan hriatthiam zawkna a nih beiseiin tihian ka rawn thliar ta mai:

1. Java Universal: Java phone, memory pangngai deuh chin atanga a changkang ber thleng deuhthawin a hman theih, Java unsigned version (tuna a thar ber ni mek) kha a ni a. I hman thin ang a nih chuan a hnuaiah hian click in i download mai dawn nia.
File type: .jar
File size: 486.2kb
Click » HERE « to download.

2. Java Signed: Java mobile thenkhat, memory pawh pangngai tak tho si, Universal version hmang ve thei lo te hman turin signed version hi siam a ni a. Nokia, Sony Ericsson leh phone thenkhatah heng hi a awm nual. He signed version hi tuna a thar ber niin, a duh tan a hnuaiah hian download mai theih a ni e.
File type: .jar
File size: 472.4kb
Click » HERE « to download.

3. Java Lite Universal: He version hi chu a chunga mi version chi hnih hmang thei lo ve ve khawpa memory te deuh ho [Eg: Nokia 6070] tana siam a ni a, he version hi Lite Universal ah chuan a latest ber a ni. A duh tur chuan a hnuaiah hian download mai tur a ni e.
File type: .jar
File size: 143.9kb
Click » HERE « to download.

4. Java Lite Signed: Java phone ni tho si, memory nei te ve tho si, Lite Universal hmang thei ve lo [Eg: Nokia 1680c] te puala siam a ni a. Hei hi version niin Lite Signed zingah chuan a thar ber a ni.
File type: .jar
File size: 143.9kb
Click » HERE « to download.

Mahni mobile mil tur chu lo inzawn ve mai tur a ni e.. A hnuaia hi hriattur pawimawh dang a awm a, hei hi chhiar chiang ngei ngei ang che, MKSS hi i hmang dawn a nih ngai chuan..

1. I install zawh ah application zawnah scroll thla la tichuan:
- Options » Application access » Communication » Network access » Ask first time only select la
- Options » Application access » Communication » Connectivity » Ask first time only select leh rawh.
Tichuan, net access lo dil reng che leh net pack balance lo pop reng kha i pumpelh thei ang.

2. Screenshot key ah Green Call Button kha hman a ni.

3. Screenshot settings menu atan '0' key hman a ni a, i thlak duh chuan a hnuaia number i duh ber hi i barh mai dawn nia:
-10 = green call key
-12 = menu key
- 8 = back key
42 = '*' key
35 = '#' key
48 = key '0'
49 = key '1'
50 = key '2'
51 = key '3'
52 = key '4'
53 = key '5'
54 = key '6'
55 = key '7'
56 = key '8'
57 = key '9'

4. Screenshot picture te hi memory card ah a in save tawp a, album bik neih tir i duh chuan application i hawn tirhin save path  'file:///E:/MKSSUC Browser_' tih lo awm khan MKSSUC Browser_ i folder thlan duh hming kha i type anga /# in i zui tir mai dawn nia. For Eg: file:///E:/ScreenShot/#

5. Shot theih loh palh a neih palh chuan, exit la, hawng tha leh la, screenshot settings i duh ang thlapa set in i shot leh mai thei ang..

I lo chhawr tangkai ngei beisei chungin duhtawk leh phawt mai ang.. Enjoy

Monday, 24 February 2014

MK SS UC Browser version!

Java Mobile hmang ho tan Screenshot hi a theih ve thin loh avangin UC Browser v9.4.1.377 chu tidanglamin MK SS UC Browser v9.4.1.377 angin ka duang chhuak ve leh ta a. Hei hi 320x240 resolution hmang S40 mobile ho chuan an hmang thei vek turah ka ngai.. A hmang chhin duh tan a hnuaiah hian download mai theih a ni e..

Click here to Download MK SS UC Browser V9.4.1.377

1. I download zawhah i memory card ah folder thar siam rawh
2. Chu folder hmingah chuan UC Browser_ hmang ang che
3. * hmangin Screenshot settings ah i lut thei ang.
4. * hi SS Settings luhna atana hman a nih avangin text edit dawn leh symbol type dawnin Menu » Edit atanga luh a ngai thung ( Box zuk click a, * hmeh khan a direct theih tawh loh ang)
5. I screenshot picture ho chu, kar khat chhung emaw, ni khat chhung emaw ang te te a serial in dawt bika kal tir i duh chuan i duh hun bi angah zel khan, * hmetin settings i hawng anga, a chung bera file:///E:/UC Browser_ tih lo awm tawpah khan /i serial duh awl awm lova type zawm mai tur a ni. For eg:
file:///E:/UC Browser_/MK. Tichuan i save mai dawn nia.
6. Dial button (Telephone symbol hring kha) hmet vang vang la noti lo prompt kha yes la i screenshot a ni mai.
7. SS features hi i hman reng duh chuan, version sang zawk i neih leh hma chu browser update suh ang che..

He browser hi Nokia 123abc keypad hmang mobile atanga siam a nih avangin Touch ah chuan ka la test lova, a hman ve theih tho turah chuan ka ngai.. Enjoy..

Lehlawk, application i hawn hma hian a file awmna ah va kal la, a file zawn tak a in select lai khan a hnuai step hnih hi lo apply la, network access dawn apianga noti lo kal tluk tluk kha i ti reh thei ang..
1. Option » Application Access » Communication » Network Access » 'Ask first time only' kha select rawh.
2. Option » Application Access » Communication » Connectivity » 'Ask first time only' kha select rawh.

I application dang net access nana i hmang, noti lo prompt reng ho hrim hrim kha chu a chunga method ang hian i solved vek theiin ka ring.. Enjoy..

Sunday, 2 February 2014

PicSay Pro hi!

Android user tana thu lawmawm dang leh chu hei le! Mobile leh tablet atanga nalh tak taka facebook a upload tur thlalak edit thin tan ngat phei chuan PicSay Pro hi application fuh ber pawl a ni hial awm a sin. Europe leh America lamah an uar viau laiin kan ram lamah hi chuan hmang kan la tam lutuk lo. Rs. 199/- man lai a ni ve talh nen a awm thove! Mahse, lungngai suh, a thlawna i hman theihna'n hei ka rawn chhawp chhuak e!

PicSay Pro hi thlalak edit na application tha award la tawh ngat a ni a, i duh tawkin he application hmang hian i thlalak i sawngbawl thei ang! A that bikna thenkhat te chu:
1. I device in a zo a nih chuan he application hmang hian thlalak 13MP a lian thleng i khawih thei.
2. A features ken a tam hle:- i titak thei a, red eye reduction a keng tel a, i crop i her rem thei a, distortion i pe thei a, i thlalak edit laiah thlalak dang i insert thei ang a, paint, black-and-white pictures ah color splash i siam thei a, thu i chhu thei a, word balloons i dah thei a, effects chi hran hran - like Cross Process, Lomo, Vignette, faux HDR, Tilt-shift, Pencil Sketch mai bakah pawh chi dang tam tak a la awm.
3. A user friendly hle a. Mawlmang ber tan pawh zir thiam har lo tur tak a ni.
4. Management a simple ang huin a powerful em em a, hei hi award a lakchhan ber pakhat a tih theih awm e..

A install danah i buai em ni? A hnuaia step te hi lo try ve ta mai che..
1. A hnuaia Google Play link ah khuan lutin Rs. 199/- chawiin i install thei ang, internet banking i tih chuan..
2. BlackMart nei sa tan chuan kha market atang khan a free in in install thei bawk ang.
3. A nih loh vek leh ZippyShare atang khuan v1.6 apk (1.4mb a lian) khu download la, install rawh.
4. FontPack zip (2.82mb a lian) khu ZippyShare atang khuan download ang che.
5. Zip file extract thei application i neih sa chuan chu application hmang chuan zip file chhunga FontPack pahnih lo awm kha extract la install leh rawh.
6. I nei sa lo a nih chuan » Mizo Android Forum « ah lutin pinned post kha i chhiar ang a, ES file Explorer guide lo awmkha i en ang a, installl hmasa leh te tein i extract anga, i install mai dawn nia.
7. A nih loh vek leh computer ah i FontPack download kha copy lut la, winrar/winzip hmangin i extract ang a, i extracted file kha i device ah copy lut lehin i install mai dawn nia..

European ho rualin, American ho tih danin, duh tawkin thlalak i khawih danglam thei ta! Lo inzir thiam la, lo enjoy ve rawh le!

Install from » Google Play

V1.6 apk from » ZippyShare
FontPack from » ZippyShare