Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Google Play application apk a download dan.

Kan ram ang, 'net chiangkuan lohna ramah hi chuan mobile device PlayStore hmanga application install leh update te hi a harsa hle mai a. A download zo ve țhak a, install dawnah download laia 'net muan vanga file a lo corrupt vangin 'Parsing Problem' kan nei leh a, țul lovah kan hun, battery leh data a hek phah fo țhin. 2G hmang ho tan chuan application update awm ngun lutuk te hi, a thar kan lo duh ve zel bawk nen, buaina tham a ni ta reng a nih hi...

He problem hi i tawng ve a nih chuan hetiang hian lo ti ve mah teh..

Google Play ««« hi click in Opera emaw Chrome hmangin lut phawt rawh. (UC Browser or UC Browser Mini chuan a applicable lovang!)
❂ I application install/update duh chu search box ah khan type in zawng la, a result lo display ațang khan i application zawn ber chu click in lut leh rawh.
❂ Goople Play application installation page i luh fel hunah a page link kha URL box ațang khan copy leh rawh.. (4 eg: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.facebook.orca).
Evozi Downloader ««« hi click in, duhthusam chuan UC Browser or UC Browser Mini in, hawng la; google play url tih hnuaia box chhunga thu awmsa kha clear vekin i link copy chu paste rawh.
❂ Tichuan generate download link kha i click leh ang a, kha application kha apk a download turin a in generate ang.
❂ A in generate zawhah apk format in i download keuh mai dawn nia.

✉ Duhthusam chuan Evozi downloader khi UC Browser emaw UC Browser Mini emaw hmangin hawng thei la a țha hlei hlei! Apk format a download hun chhung hian validity a neih avangin 'net muan uchuakna ațang chuan a download zo hman țhin lova, UC i hman chuan 'Click here to download' tih i click hnu khan 'Download' leh 'Cloud Download' thlan tur awmin a rawn prompt anga, Cloud Download kha select la, i la sign in ngai loh chuan sign-in with fb hmang khan i sign-in mai dawn nia. Gmail leh in sign-up chawp pawh khan a theih tho. Tichuan i apk file download tur chu UC uDisk cloud storage ah i save hmasa phawt ang a. Tichuan, View download process kha click in i apk download tur chu i en ang a, a file a len lem loh chuan a lo complete nghal mai ang a. A len viau chuan nghah deuh hret a, refresh/reload zeuh zeuh pawh a ngai mai thei bawk. A complete hunah apk file hming hnuaia download tih kha click in hunbi tiam awm lovin, 'net muang elkhen ah pawh i download thei mai ang..

Apk file anga download chuan mobile browser download manager in a lo boost ve avangin download a chak zawk a, 'parsing problem' pawh a awm tlem zawk nge nge a nia.

I hlawkpui ngei beiseiin duh tawk leh phawt mai ang.. ^_^


  1. I am new with android phone. Now I can easily install any apk after reading your post. I want to cheek Who Viewed My Twitter. Have you any post about it?

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